Service: 4.8/5.0
Food Taste: 4.9/5.0
Cleanliness: 4.7/5.0
*"This is one of our favorite restaurants on earth!! We love the place! The staff is wonderful!
We highly recommend VK to all of our friends! EAT THERE!!"

*"Ordered 2 soups but they did not come out together - 1st Hot & Sour soup then egg rolls then
Won Ton soup. Noodle dishes were not hot."
 ~ We will do our best to eliminate this issue. Thank you for the comment ~

*"Alex was excellent! Best food in Kentucky."*

*"I woke up this morning thinking about what I am going to have for lunch at Vietnam Kitchen today.
Maybe the N1 or a J-5. Either way, it will be AWESOME!
Your loyal patron...Griffin"

*"Best food around!!"*

*"One of my absolute favorite restaurants in Louisviile! The food is fantastic!
I've never had a bad dish here!"

*"Staff was VERY friendly and helpful. Location is easy to find and parking was no problem. We
really enjoyed our dinner and will be back!!!!"

*"We tried Vietnam Kitchen for the 1st time tonight!! YUMMY!! Food was excellent. My only
suggest would be to add pictures to the menu. This will help better sell your WONDERFUL dishes!!"

*"One of the greatest hidden gem in town! A must eat!"*

*"Finally tried the Beef Curry and is delicious. Not to mention the normal K6 and K8 with
Spring rolls with betal leaf and beef."

*"I LOVE 'THE VIETNAM KITCHEN' - thanks for always making my experience a wonderful
one. I moved from KY two years ago - every time I return home, several times a year - I make
it a point to eat with you all. HAPPY 2014 - Wishing you joy, peace, good health,
lots of wealth and LOVE."

*"One of our favorite restaurants ever!!!!"*

*"Best resturant in Louisville."*

*"I was hesitant to try this kind of food. But my friend talked me into it. I can not get
enough of it now. My favorite is VA4 and VK4. These are to die for. The staff even
came over to my table and helped me almost learn how to use chopsticks. I keep
trying to accomplish it, getting better. Not good, but I am not starving when
I leave, and I don't have to use my fork It is a GREAT place.
Thank you, Debbie Simcoe."

*"I took my wife and she loves it, now it's our favorite restaurant in KY, awesome!"*

*"Thanks again for being so honest about the over charge of our bill today! I commented
on your Facebook page and mine as well, about how honest you all are! I regret that
we don't live closer( we live in the East End), but will make an effort to get
down there more often!"

*"I love VK! I only wish I could come more often."*

*"I would just suggest the service be a little faster. Some folks have a limited time at work
 for lunch and it is sort of annoying when folks take their time serving and bringing the check."

*"This place is above the rest!! Very good! Been going for over 10 years now! The food is amazing!"*

*"I just had a fantastic meal at Vietnam Kitchen! Thanks for the unique dining experience."

*"Favorite restaurant in town!!!!"

*"I have been hearing about the Vietnam Kitchen since I first moved to Louisville. I finally
decided to go earlier this week... and I've already gone back. The veggies just taste so fresh!
And everything is so delicious."

*"Our FAVORITE place to eat. We love the personal attention we receive everytime we are
there but the best part is ALWAYS the food!"

*"Vietnam Kitchen was my last meal before I left for college and is going to be my first
when I come back."

*"Love VK! One of the best places in Louisville. Actually, one if the best restaurants in the nation!
K6 is always my favorite. And always the coffee."

*"Been going since they opened and they never disappoint. A4 and B1 (or J4) are my favorites.
Quan and Ms. Kim are the best! Only wish they still had Hue beer. Went out years' ago and
said I'll have a Hue, my fried said make that a two Hue and my other freind said make that a
three Hue. All were happy with our joke but then the waiter said "No Hue" we all laughed all
the more that he got our joke and played least until we realized that he wasn't joking...
they we're out of Hue and I haven't had one since!"

*"We drive an hour and a half from Indiana to go to this's THAT good! When we
lived in Louisville, it was a twice weekly event. Authentic Pho bowls, food perfectly cooked,
everything I've tried is amazing! Love ending my meal with their iced dessert coffee!"

*"We moved away from Louisville in 2010. But EVERY time we come home to visit we eat
 at VK AT LEAST once. We love K8!"

*"Vietnam Kitchen has wonderful authentic food as well as great service. It is a place my family
as well as my friends love to join me for dinner! You will not be disappointed."

*"Best food in town! If you are a calamari lover the H6 is amazing! Wonderful service!!"

*"Hands down my whole familys favorite restaurant. The staff is genuine and kind and
always take greatcare of us. The food is amazing. Best asian food in town by far. So authentic."

*"Found this place in February and have been a regular weekly customer ever since."

*"Always more than excellent!!!"

*"C3 rules"

*"Best asian food this side of the Pacific!!!"

*"The food, service, and cleanliness were excellent. Best Vietnamese restaurant I have eaten at yet!"

*"I've been going to Vietnam Kitchen for several years. It will always be my number one choice for oriental cuisine. Beats all others that I have tried. I have friends that live in the East End of Louisville that will drive to Vietnam Kitchen over anything in their area. Great food."